boiler water treatment solution

Boiler Water Treatment

An Industrial Boiler faces problems of scaling and corrosion inside boiler and on tubes. Due to scale formation and corrosion,efficiency of the boiler drops

leading to wastage of resources namely firewood,water, chemicals and work force.

Boiler Water Treatment involves modification of feed water (before Boiler) and inside boiler to avoid potential damage to the boiler and unexpected break downs. This is usually done by pre - treatment plants and with help of boiler water treatment chemicals which modified water parameters for ideal working of boiler.

Boiler Water Pre - Treatment

> Ion-exchange Plants or Softeners, which removes calcium and magnesium salts which can deposit inside boiler forming scale.

> Filtrations plants like sand or media filters are also widely opted, to filter out turbidity and suspended particles like silt, dirt, etc.

> Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plants are also to make high TDS, brackish waters and saline water usable for boiler operations.

Our experts with their know-how and wide expertise, design plants and equipments taking notes to client’s use, place availability, and design equipment which are not only made of rigid quality components, but also cost-effective, consumes less floor area, also energy efficient.

Raw Water Pre - Treatment is not solely recommended to maintain ideal boiler water parameter.

Boiler water treatment chemicals helps in maintaining water parameters and keeping salts and other organic and in-organic compounds and elements suspended and dissolved in water.

Our boiler water treatment products namely Chemline- 320, is one such versatile chemical which not only is an anti-scalant but also has various other properties namely pH Boosting, corrosion inhibitors, scale inhibitors, de-foamer, sludge conditioning and  is an excellent oxygen scavenger.

With all this qualities,Chemline-320 is an single formulation, which provides a complete boiler water  treatment solution.

corrosion of boiler tube.

Scale deposition on tubes of boiler.

Boiler Water Chemical Treatment

Chemline - 320

Chemtech - 888

Chemtech - 999

Chemline - 320 is a all-in-one chemical which alter all necessary water parameters to maintain better conditions inside boiler. It keeps scale forming salts dissolved at high temperatures and can also remove recent scale deposition on regular use. It has pH booster and alkalinity builder which maintain favorable pH levels to prevent corrosion and pitting inside boiler and on smoke tubes.

To know more about chemline - 320 its features and benefits and uses click here.

click here to download chemline - 320 data sheet.

Chemline - 888 is a one-time scale removal chemical which removes scale deposits found inside boiler. It is an easy to use chemical which does not require any circulation process as sulfuric acid and prevents corrosion as it has a blend of synthetic corrosion inhibitor.

click here to download chemtech - 888 data sheet.

Chemtech - 999 is a neutralizing chemical which is usually used after de-scaling (Chemtech - 888)

to neutralize acid attack and stabilize water parameters to bring back effective conditions where-in boiler can perform at peak.

click here to download chemtech - 999 data sheet.

found universally

Water consists of number of impurities dissolved salts like calcium/magnesium, iron, oxygen,sulfite,phosphates, etc and suspended like dirt ,silt,organic or non - organic compounds etc.

Certain impurities like Total Hardness (Calcium and magnesium), excess oxygen or carbon-dioxide can cause issues and lead to scale formation

and corrosion inside the boiler while running at high pressures.

What kind of water to feed ?

In order to prevent scale formation and other problems, parameters like

Total Hardness, pH levels, feed TDS, alkalinity levels are to be maintained

for favorable outcomes.

Below are the pre - requisites for boiler feed water:

pH : < 8.5

Total hardness: < 10 ppm

TDS: varies  < 500 ppm

By using Softener plants

By using Reverse osmosis

Boiler Water Parameters

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Chemical dosing system

Most boilers faces problems of irregular or improper dosing of chemical due to human errors and non standardized ways of measurement.

this in a long run leads not only bad maintenance of boiler but waste of water treatment chemicals.

Dosing pump helps the above problems by feeding boiler with proper dosage of chemical and as it is efficient, it saves chemical, manpower and unexpected breakdowns.

by attaching this pump in boiler feed line, it  ensure that boiler gets adequate amount of chemical to maintain better water characteristics required for boiler.

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