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Cooling Water Treatment

Cooling Tower is found of any many business serving most common purpose of cooling or heat transfer.


Cooling Towers faces problems and breakdown due to lack of proper water treatment.

most common problems consists:


Scale Formation



Micro bacterial growth

Algae formation

Fouling and Pitting of metal etc.


Our product line chemicals for cooling tower water treatment makes sure to fight the above problems.

Chemline 920/221 is one such chemical which acts as and anti - scalant agent and anti - corrosive agent for cooling tower and prevents problems like foaming and is non-polluting and bio - degradable and can be discharge in steams.


To fight micro-bacterial activity and algae growth we have come up with Chemtech - 220 which starts performing over night.

Cooling tower water treatment also depends on pre-treatment like

Sand filter,

DM plants or



for better perfomance and efficiency it is advised to prefer

pre-treatment with chemical treatment to ensure optimum life of cooling systems.

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