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Boiler Water Treatment Solutions


Steam is an element which is required in many industries for varied processes.

Boiler are used in widely in Textile sector, Food and Beverages, Power Generation and more

Our Boiler water treatment products and services help many of these industries overcome problems and extend life of their plants and equipments.

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Cooling Water Treatment Solution

Water has great heat exchange capacity and used by many industries for cooling product or byproduct during processes or reactions.

Cooling towers ,Chilling Plants and heat exchangers are widely used for this purpose but fail to deliver results due to scale deposition and fouling of equipments.

Our products helps you bring up your efficiency, deliver better results and longevity.

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Water Treatment Plants


we design water treatment plants and equipments to help you deliver better results, undertaking advance water treatment technologies and providing a cost-comparative outcomes.

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Institutes and Educational Universities

Townships and Municipals

Domestic and Household

Water Treatment for Institutions and universities


Schools and collages and other educational institutes require huge amounts of water for their students and faculty, cleaning,maintenance and gardening, swimming pools and more.

we provide water treatment plants and services which will not only provide better safe water but also help you conserve water for generations to come.

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Townships and municipals advance filtrations systems.

Water is an important factor to existence of life, from drinking to cleaning ,swimming pools etc

Townships and municipals use up lot of water and give out of tones of water waste which can be put forth to better use.

We provide Water treatment solutions which provides increases standard of living by filtration and conserve water by bring it back to use like gardening, car washing etc.


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Domestic houses

faces unexpected breakdowns in heating systems,choked pipe and fittings, and other health problems due poor water quality of ground or locality water.

We provide water treatment plant and services which serves you and your family.

our water filtration systems ensures to safeguard your household equipments

provide better standard of living and reduces expensive maintenance and fixtures.


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Our History - Who we are

Hi Tech Boi Chem B'lore (P) Ltd., as the name suggest is and Bangalore based company which had set foot into boiler water treatment and manufactured Boiler Chemicals ("Boi chem") in 1997. And later came into existence since early 2000 with its advance industrial water treatment products and chemicals for Cooling Towers and Chilling plants.


with passing years we have excelled with Research and development in the field of water treatment and developed products and services which has helped many industries and business to over come problems faced in maintenance of Boiler and Cooling towers.

In 2007, as the importance of water treatment started making sense, we started providing water treatment plants and services to municipals,townships and industries, with main emphasis on water conversation and waste-water management.

Hi-Tech Boi Chem by then had developed single formulated chemicals for Industrial water treatment.


Company which started as a small boiler chemical manufacturer today provides Complete Water Treatment Solutions to Business, Industries, Commercial Infrastructures, Educational Institutes, Townships, Hotels and Hospitality sectors.

Implementing advance technologies and innovations, meeting the needs of the world ,


Helping Conserving water for a better Tomorrow.


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