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Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis is and advanced filtration technology which filters water upon passing it through a semi-permeable membrane with the help of reverse osmotic pressure.

To understand reverse osmosis, it is first necessary to understand osmosis.

Osmosis is the term for the phenomenon whereby if a semi-permeable membrane separates two salt solutions of different concentration, water will migrate from the weaker solution through the membrane to the stronger solution, until the solutions are of the same salt concentration.

 Applications :

      Drinking Purpose


      Pretreatment for Boiler, Cooling towers

      Heat exchangers and other machineries

      Food Industries

      Bottling plants

 Reverse osmosis subverts this process. It involves applying pressure to reverse the natural flow of water, forcing the water to move from the more concentrated solution to the weaker.

 The semi-permeable membrane is porous, allowing water to pass through, but blocking the passage of the bulkier salt molecules.

 Reverse Osmosis can remove almost 98% of total dissolved solids found in water.

Reverse Osmosis was used for desalination of sea water, but today this filtration method is widely used in Industries for different purposes. It has also made its way through domestic and commercial markets for drinking water purpose.

Reverse Osmosis has only one noted downside which is wastage of water.

We Design RO plants which not only deliver performance but also provides efficiency, reduced water wastage and our experts designs plants as per customers requirement, availability of space and resources.


We take every precaution to minimize future expenses by providing High Quality Parts and Components, Anti-Scaling dosing system to prevent scale formation on membranes, Clean-In-Place Stations to ignore hiring professional de-scaling services.

We also provide post treatment systems like pH boosting, Re-mineralization in case of Drinking Purpose.

We have our range of anti-scalant and de-scaling chemicals to extend your Ro Plant span.


We supply Ro Plants ranging from 100LPH to 4000LPH based on requirement these plants can be further tailored and modified to your requirement and purpose of use.


We also provide Portable models which can be easily handled from one place to another and in-place models for single purpose.

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