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Softener                 Ion-exchange plant

Hard water is and potential threat to industrial and commercial applications.

hard water leads to scale formation in boilers, cooling towers,water heat systems and water pipe lines.

Softener is and discrete solution to scaling, we supply softener which can treat water from 5m3 to 350m3 per regeneration.

How Softener works ?

Softener works on the principle of  Ion - Exchange.

softener consists of cation resins which exchanges hardness ion with sodium ions, these resins are recharged with the help of Sodium chloride ie.

common salt.

We manufacture softener which are made of high quality spares and components.

our plants are not only made with quality products but are cost - effective with low maintenance and services.

High quality Fibrous-glass vessels

which are tough,light weight and corrosion proof.

wide range of sizes to choose from.

Multi-port valves for easy operation

without committing errors.

easy to handle and rigid for industrial use

 Applications :

        Institutions like Schools and colleges

        Hotel and Hospitality

        Domestic use as potable water

        Apartments and societies as potable water

        Pretreatment for Boiler and cooling towers

        Heat exchangers and other machineries

Cation resins with a better ion exchange rate and long life.

Indion 220na by ion exchange ltd.

Axion C220na by  Aventura

Hi Tech Water Treatment Solutions

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